Find out what the Save Lucy Campaign is all about

What We Do

The Save Lucy Campaign was created to raise awareness of white-nose syndrome and its devastating impact on North American bats by:

  • Engaging young people to take action on behalf of vanishing bats;
  • Empowering young people by providing tools and information with which to effect change and action;
  • Providing accurate and timely information to concerned citizens, especially those who normally have no voice in wildlife management decisions;
  • Providing conservation education to persons of all ages and abilities;
  • Supporting research and other projects that protect bat populations threatened by white nose syndrome through public awareness, funding, and captive bat management.

Who We Are

The Save Lucy Campaign is a 501c3 public charity supported by partners, sponsors, and collaborators. To become a sponsor or partner please contact us.

Meet Our Board

Our Board is comprised of dedicated bat and outdoor education enthusiasts of varied backgrounds.

Leslie Sturges


Leslie has been a wildlife enthusiast all her life. One of her earliest memories is feeding grass stems to a nestful of almost-weaned meadow mice she discovered in her backyard. She housed and bred snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, and insects before finally becoming a zookeeper with the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park. She left the zoo to join Montgomery County Parks as a park naturalist. In 2001, Leslie founded Bat World NOVA, a satellite rescue center of Bat World Sanctuary, so that she could pursue a lifelong love of bats. Since then she has cared for over 800 bats at her facility and has maintained a colony of bats that visit schools and other venues to educate the public about bats and wildlife conservation.

Chris Holland


Chris grew up with Hidden Oaks Nature center and has been educating children and family about the wild world for the past 15 years. He has been interested in supporting local bats for years and worked with Bat World NOVA to erect bat rocket- boxes for his Eagle Scout project. He recently graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Commerce and works in Finance and Accounting at Maximus, Inc. – a health and human services local government contractor.

Anne Hiss, DVM

At Large

Anne started rehabilitating wildlife in 1985 and became interested in the medical care of injured wildlife. She received her doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1995 and has been working with wildlife rehabilitators ever since. Donations to the Babiga Fund, a private fund managed by Dr. Hiss, are spent exclusively for medical supplies used to treat injured wildlife. Dr. Hiss provides veterinary services for injured wildlife pro bono at Town and Country Animal Hospital in Fairfax, VA. Dr. Hiss also teaches classes to rehabilitators on basic fluid therapy and the gastrointestinal system of rabbits.

Sara Craig

Sherry Keen

At Large

Lynn Mitchell-Early

At Large

Dana Limpert


Dana is an endangered species biologist with Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources. Dana is a bat specialist and has worked tirelessly to educate the citizens of Maryland about bats and bat conservation.

Shannon Pederson-Browne

Science Advisor


The Save Lucy Campaign seeks individuals to serve on the board of directors. The time commitment is approximately 2 hours per week. Board members are required to attend board meetings via phone conference or web meeting 3 times per year. Candidates should have some familiarity with nonprofit management, conservation issues and environmental education; however, a diverse board makes for a strong organization so we welcome candidates with other strengths.

Financial Information

A copy of our current financial statement for the Save Lucy Campaign is available by request from the Virginia Division of Consumer Affairs Office in Richmond, Virginia.

More information can be found here.

The Save Lucy Campaign

877 Bunker Hill Rd

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Please direct sponsor or partner inquiries to LSturges@SaveLucytheBat.org

End of Year 2018 Financial Statement