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We have provided an area for you to upload art, essays, poems, and thoughts about bats and nature

Bat Artwork

Show everyone that you care about bats by contributing to this special project. Your contributions will be seen by wildlife biologists, conservation experts, and maybe even members of congress. You have an important voice in wildlife conservation and we want you to be heard!

Fluffies, by Abigail, age - 7, from NJ

Investigando a los murciélagos by Ana Vini

Bat Card, by RA

Flying Bat

Digital Drawing

I Heart Bats

Bat Appreciation Day

Bat Rescuers in Houston, Texas by Kim O'Keefe

Animal Worksheet

Digital Drawing

Please Save the Bats

Please Save the Bats

Clay Bat

Cute Bat Drawing

Felted Bat by Julie

Post your Artwork!

Please email us a photo of your Bat Artwork, and we will post it here!

Conservation Projects

Check out these awesome conservation projects. They are all led by concerned young people. Click on the projects to see all the details!

Aryana’s Girl Scout Gold Award

Aryana Zullo wrote and illustrated a wonderful book for young readers to show just how much bats contribute to society! She also stays busy doing book readings and signing and advocating for bats wherever she goes. Please read her amazing book.

Erin's Silver Project

Record Your Bat Observations

Go outside to look for bats! Take note of the location, time, and weather conditions and log them here. Also note what behavior you are watching - are the bats hunting? Drinking from a swimming pool? Flying around a light? Hanging in a colony? Your observations will help scientists map bat activity.

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Project Noah to bring you the North American Bat Tracker mission.

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