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More progress toward getting North American bats back out to the wild!!! ...

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Two great organizations worked together to get this lonely little girl where she needed to be. Please don't support the exotic pet trade. No one becomes 'cool' by depriving a wild animal of its own kind. And breeding wild animals in captivity doesn't make them 'tame'; it makes them sad, lonely, and eventually, crazy. Don't do it! ...

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Nice work by Susquehannock Wildlife Society. And check out the cute lil tricolor with pups in the comments!!We usually refer calls about bats in people's homes to our wildlife control company partners who can not only catch the bat but identify where the bats are entering the home and seal things up during the appropriate time of the year to prevent future encounters. Today however we had a call from one of our friends at the Maryland Park Service that a Big Brown Bat was trapped in the rest room at a local State Park here in Harford County. We suspected that the bat entered the the rest room via an open door (likely attracted to the light and / or flying insects) as sometimes occurs.

Upon arriving we heard the sound of bats chirping outside of the rest room and noted that there were several other Big Brown Bats taking refuge under the siding. The bat that was trapped inside of the window appeared to be in good condition, so we were able to safely remove, inspect for general health and relocate it outside where it immediately flew off into a nearby tree. The bathroom and all equipment used were immediately disinfected.

While bats have gotten some bad press due to the similarities of the current coronavirus that infects humans to one that have been found in a bat species (about 96% similar) research is still ongoing to the actual source. That being said, researchers are now more concerned that we may pass the virus to vulnerable bat poplulations that are already threatened and declining due to a variety of factors, so if they even are able to continue research, they follow a strict set of protocols involving masks, disinfectants and gloves.

Bats are incredibly fascinating and important creatures that have lost a lot of their habitat and many species are faced with major declines because of a fungus called white-nose syndrome and now we've heard of people killing bats due to unnecessary fear. Putting up proper bat boxes, turning off your lights at night or installing motion sensors, and safely removing bats from your home are a few ways you can help at least some of our species and keep a safe distance for both you and the bats. Make sure to never come in direct contact with a bat or any wild mammal that has the potential to carry rabies.

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