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Because of COVID restrictions on bat rehabilitation in VA, it is imperative to return bat pups to the colony. Better yet, keep them from falling in the first lace!I hope you all don't get tired of seeing this post but it bears repeating to save lives.

Evening bat babies are coming in now and many of those who are rescued have fallen from bat houses and roosting spots. If you have something like this happening please put up a pup catcher.

Please spread the word so more lives can be saved. Thanks, peeps!

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After a warm, then freezing, then raining, then cold spring, with a pandemic thrown in, our overwinter bats got some time in the flight cage. They are here until research shows they aren't vulnerable to COVID 19, so it's important that they practice their flight and hunting skills for when they can finally be released. ...

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Check out this lovely video from a fascinating place! You might catch a glimpse of some familiar characters. Thanks Coronado National Memorial. ...

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