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A good reason to eat local! This sweet fellow ended up in a fruit shipment and now is a North American resident. Thank goodness Bat World Sanctuary is equipped to keep him healthy and he was lucky enough to find his way there. But many animals are inadvertently moving around the globe because of our food habits. They can't go 'home,' and if they're very lucky will live out their lives in a strange land without any of their own kind. If they're not so lucky they die alone and lost. Maybe we should take a minute to think whether we really NEED that exotic fruit or if we can make do with what our local producers grow.#TooCuteTuesday, featuring Butters 😍

Butters, a velvety free-tailed bat hailing from somewhere in South America, gave us quite a surprise this week. Apparently he ended up in a semi truck full of produce being shipped to Dallas. He's now safe and sound here at Bat World Sanctuary with his close Mexican free-tail cousins. We just can't get enough of his cute little face.

#BatsAreAdorable #SaveTheBats #AllHailButters

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Zoom! We think this might be a resident big brown, but we were getting silver hair calls earlier this evening. Either way, welcome! ...

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We're a little late with this, but @Peter Sarsgaard gave a lovely shout out to bats on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. ...

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